Home Security And A Tight Budget

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If you are working with a tight budget but you are still concerned about your home's security, you want to make sure you figure out things you can do that are inexpensive and effective. The information here will provide you with some ideas of things you can do to improve the security in and around your home without breaking the bank.

Better secure your windows and sliding glass doors

Windows and sliding glass doors are a couple of the most vulnerable points in most homes. Therefore, you want to put a lot of effort into making them hard to get into. Even if the original locks are in good condition, you still want to add a couple more forms of security to prevent them from being able to be rocked off the track or otherwise broken into by a knowledgeable criminal.

You can add a secondary lock that screws to the top or bottom frame and have a wooden dowel cut to fit in the frame of the window and slider at the bottom so it can't be moved at all when closed. You also want to take a strip of metal and screw it into the recess of the upper track of the slider in order to create an anti-jimmy device. This anti-jimmy device prevents someone from lifting the slider right up from the track to get in.

Rescue a full-grown dog

When you get a full-grown dog that needs a new home, you will already know its personality and it will begin helping to protect your home and family as soon as it becomes comfortable with you. You want a large dog that barks at noises and strangers. It is the barking that will prevent a criminal from continuing to break in. You also want to make sure you go with a dog that you can keep indoors, where it will do the best job of protecting you since outside dogs can be let out of gates, poisoned or quieted down in other ways. If you get a dog that's not huge, it won't cost you much in food, and you only have to take them in annually for an exam and shots. When it comes to home security, they are quite affordable and you get the added bonus of a loyal friend.

Have a basic home security system installed

You can find a security system for a very affordable price. The systems don't cost very much at all to have monitored monthly. You may not be able to get as many cameras as you would like on a tight budget, but you may find you can afford a couple. You do want to get one with cameras and remote access to know that you are getting as much protection as possible.