Security Camera Placement And Use Tips

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Cameras are becoming one of the best ways to monitor your home, and most modern home security systems allow you to integrate cameras in some manner. These cameras can usually be monitored from afar via a computer or smartphone, which provides you with even more peace of mind. The following tips can help you place the cameras correctly so they provide the best security and usability.

Tip #1: Know the light exposure

Different cameras work well in different types of lighting. If your camera will be placed somewhere with low lighting, make sure it is designed to perform well in low light or you may end up with images too dim to make out. On the flip side, glare can also be a concern if the camera is placed near a porchlight or where a street light casts a lot of glare, so you will need to purchase a glare-resistant camera.

Tip #2: Determine the camera's purpose

Each camera needs a dedicated purpose so you can set it up to perform its best. If your aim is to get a clear shot of a potential burglar's face, you want the camera focused in on the area where a clear shot is most likely to occur, not aimed generally outward to cover a large area. On the other hand, if you simply need a camera to monitor what the kids do after school, a camera set to a wide angle over the living room is sufficient.

Tip #3: Secure the camera

Most cameras are visible to the bad guys if they take the time to look for them. Your goal isn't necessarily to hide the cameras but to make them difficult to remove or tamper with. This means placing them inside tamper-proof camera globes and using tamper-proof installation hardware. In some cases you may be able to disguise them as well, perhaps by using tamper-resistant housing that resembles a porchlight.

Tip #4: Know the best camera spots

The best exterior camera spots are areas where thieves are likely to try entry. This includes front and back doors, off-street windows, and near the entries to garages or sheds. Indoors, place cameras just inside of entrances if there are no exterior cameras or near areas where valuables are stored. If you also use your camera for monitoring pets or kids when you are away, place a few cameras in areas where they tend to spend time.

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