How To Make Your Home An All Around More Secure Place

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Securing your home is something you need to put a good amount of work into if you want your house to be as safe as possible when you lock it up. There are quite a few different areas of concern you should have. These areas include making it so strangers can't see what you own, making it as hard as possible for them to get in, making your home look as if it is threatening and increasing the chances that you will catch someone who does attempt a break-in. The information below will help you to secure your home in all these areas.

Adding privacy to your home

When you make it so people can't see what you have, it's less likely that someone will have a strong desire to come inside after your things. If you don't like the idea of always keeping your blinds closed then you can put a reflective tint on your windows that prevents those passing by from being able to see inside. Also, you can install a screen that pulls down to screen off the opening of your garage when the garage door is open. This allows you to work in the garage without leaving it open so people can get a look at your tools and other expensive pieces of equipment.

Securing you home from a break in

Each door that can be accessed from outside should have a deadbolt on it. Also, any door you like to leave open for long periods of time should have a security screen installed that also has a deadbolt on it. Windows and sliding glass doors should have locks that prevent them from moving even the slightest amount when they are locked. If they do have some play in them, then a second lock should be put on them. Large doggy doors should be locked when you aren't home and at night.

Making your home appear to be threatening

Getting a large dog will help protect your home because the dog will alert you to an intruder. Plus, a criminal won't like taking the chance of being attacked. Whether or not there is a man in the home, you want it to look as if there is. You can do this by leaving a men's pair of work boots on the front porch.

Increasing the odds of catching an intruder

The best way you can go about protecting your home and increasing the chances that someone who breaks in will be caught is to have a home security system like Murrell Burglar Alarms installed. This is usually enough to scare off most potential intruders and if they do come in, they are by far more likely to get caught. The system will alert you and law enforcement to the break in and the cameras will record them so they can be identified. Following these tips is going to help you make your home a safer and more secure place.